Hidden Figures PG Certificate

Running Time: 127mins

An uplifting true-life drama about the African-American women who played a key role in US space missions.

It's 1962 and the space race is on. NASA is determined to beat the Russians in putting a man into orbit around the Earth. But behind the scenes, a trio of pioneering African-American women are responsible for the calculations that will launch John Glenn into space. These "human computers" have to battle against deeply engrained racism and sexism to secure their place in history. Katherine Johnson (Taraji P. Henson) is a brilliant maths prodigy. Team supervisor Dorothy Vaughn (Octavia Spencer) is kept in her place by a condescending boss (Kirsten Dunst). And Mary Jackson (Janelle Monae) endures an uphill struggle to train as NASA's first black female engineer. From the director of 'St. Vincent', this is an inspirational, feelgood true story of unsung heroes who dared to dream big and refused to be intimidated by the obstacles placed in their way.


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